Chance for Work!

Dear Partners, Greetings from Chance Travel Consulting!

Most of you know our company and projects we have been doing since 2010. Today our Kyiv office is empty but our team is trying to help Ukrainians who are left without any income all over around the world because of urgent evacuation from the country.

Starting from the 24th of February when Russian Federation started the cruel war in Ukraine more than 1,6 million of people from Ukraine (mostly women with children) had to run away from their homes searching for a safe place.

While Ukrainian men are bravely fighting against Putin’s regime their women with children are trying to survive abroad. The world showed a great support in allowing Ukrainians to be in safety and all Ukrainians are deeply grateful for this.

Ukrainians are peaceful and hardworking people and many of them are looking for a job now. We kindly ask you to consider the possibility of any vacancies for those who now have to struggle the times of war without any income.

By giving working places for the Ukrainians you will help our nation to stand against this evil which is dangerous to the whole world. Any vacancy your hotels/companies/restaurants might have would be very appreciated.